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Founded in the 1920s and chartered by the NRA in 1944, Pensacola Rifle and Pistol Club
has grown from humble beginnings to a premier shooting location.

Welcome To Our Club!

We are a civic organization that recognizes the need in the community for a safe place to conduct all varieties of recreational and competitive shooting. Our goal is to be a destination for not just competition shooting, but also safe recreational shooting for our members and their guests.

Our Club is totally dedicated to the preservation of constitutional right of the people to keep and bear arms. We are a 100% NRA Club and is required for membership in our club.

We hold several shooting events every month, membership is not required to participate in any of our club shooting sports.

Shotgun + Box of Shells = FUN!

Our Trap Director, Dave Howery wants to invite everyone to join him for some good fun shooting trap. Nothing beats the thrill of shooting a flying target. Club membership is not required to attend, the range gate will remain open during the event.

The Winter Schedule changes 1st Sundays to 6pm (evening shooting under the lights). The other dates and times remain the same: 3rd Sundays 2pm - 5pm, 2nd Saturday at 2pm AND 4th Saturdays at 9am. Thursday evening shoots will most likely return this fall and winter when darkness falls early for shooting under the lights. A round of trap is 25 birds, cost per round is only $4.

If you have never shot Trap before, that's ok since Dave can teach the basics and then coach to improve your shooting. Many times if a new shooter comes early, he will launch a few birds on the manual thrower to teach technique. There are no excuses not to at least try out this fun sport with reactive targets.

trap shooting

If you are unfamiliar with shotgun trap, check out the sports page of our club website. Trap is a great way to learn to shoot moving targets, for the hunter and just for fun. Just make sure to bring an extra box or two of shells since one round just won't be enough!

Dave hopes to see you the next time he fires up the throwing machine.

trap shooting

2700 Precision Pistol Matches - Fourth Saturdays

Match Program

The 2700 pistol matches have moved from the third Sunday to fourth Saturdays beginning in February. Club membership is not required to participate.

2700 is a total of three 900 point (90 round) matches: .22 rimfire, center fire pistol and .45 caliber. Three pistols can be used, but if you only have a .22 and a .45 caliber pistol, such as a 1911, the .45 caliber can be used twice.

precision pistol

A commom misconception is that someone has to shoot all three 90 round matches in order to participate. Nothing could be further from the case. Only care to shoot one match, maybe two? That's ok, want to shoot only .22 rimfire? That can be accommodated as well.

Check out the shooting sports link to the right for conventional pistol to learn more.

2017 Dates Announced!
May 6-7, 2017

66th Annual Fiesta of Five Flags Pistol Match - May 6-7, 2017

Email: Fiesta Pistol Match

Download the 2017 Match Program

Fiesta logo

The week leading up to the Fiesta of Five Flags NRA Regional Pistol Match had been gray skies and strong winds, but broke into the most perfect weather just in time for the match with mild temperatures, low humidity and light breezes. That set the stage for some great scores accross all of the NRA classifications.

This year we hosted 35 shooters from several states. The US Army Marksmanship Unit fielded a team as well as the South Carolina National Guard.

The difference between the Gold and Silver NRA Medallion winners was just TWO points! The scores for the Civilian Marksmanship Program matches, called Excellence in Competition Matches, saw equally high scores. In 2015, CMP started awarding achievement pins in addition to the much sought after "leg" points. The pins are awarded for firing within a set range of scores for gold s silver and bronze. Nearly everyone who fired in those matches won a pin!

Gold NRA Medallion

SGT Ryan Franks, USAMU

Score 2626-103X

fiesta first place

Silver NRA Medallion

SSG Tim Barber, SCNG

Score 2624-98X

fiesta second place
Photo By: James Knerr

Bronze NRA Medallion

SFC Eric Lawrence, SCNG

Score 2600-86X

fiesta third place

Click here to find out more about the event

Remembering on Memorial Day Weekend
CMP M1 Garand and Military Rifle Games - May 28, 2016

Download 2016 Match Results Here!

Email: Highpower Rifle

CMP Games logo

The CMP Rifle Games have become a tradition at Pensacola Rifle and Pistol Club where each spring the old war clubs come out of hibernation for a toe to toe competition in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. This particular day a majority of the rifles were M1s preparing for the CMP special D-Day Commemorative Match being held a week later at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park.

The CMP Rifle Games have become a tradition at Pensacola Rifle and Pistol Club where each spring the old war clubs come out of hibernation for a toe to toe competition in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. This particular day a majority of the rifles were M1s preparing for the CMP special D-Day Commemorative Match being held a week later at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park.

CMP Games Reminder Photo

This year our top overall score of 286-9 came from Modern Military where Carl Wilson used an AR15 with a 1:9 twist, iron sights and M855 ammo. Our top M1 Garand of the Day with a 281-4 was Dan Karmolinski. We had one rifle in the Springfield match this year, an M1903A3 scoring a 270-5 by Mario Fajardo. In Vintage Military Rifles Wade Buckner used his K31 to shoot a 259-3.

CMP Games Reminder Photo

The medal count was down from last year, but the “entertainment” for the line caller(s) kept things interesting. We had a loose front sight causing havoc, at least one loose rear sight and an elevation knob turned down instead of up. Rapid fire shenanigans included a #1 round that would not chamber until the shooter used both hands, one to hold the bolt back, the other to “touch” the bullet into proper alignment, then it became a rapidly fired rapid fire . . . and all rounds still counted for score!

CMP Games Reminder Photo

Club Membership is NOT required to participate, cost is only $10 per match fired. Shoot twice with the same rifle as a Re-Entry or bring another in the same or different category. For those who have participated in Appleseed Shoots, it is a great use of the skills learned to become a rifleman.

For more info, check out the CMP Games section of our Shooting Sports page.

Keep Watching for the 2017 Event Dates

Bill Duffner JROTC Air Rifle Match - 39 Competitors!

The Duffner Memorial Air Rifle Match brought together JROTC rifle teams for a rare outdoor match. High School NJROTC teams from Milton, Pine Forest, Washington, Northview and Pace participated this year.

Club members Charlie Webster and Tom Skinner coordinated the match, Harry Stover helped Charlie install the target frames and Jim Knerr called the line commands. Jill Knerr snapped almost 100 photos during the match.

Duffner Air Rifle

First Place: Pine Forest High School, Team 1

Firing Team Members: Zach Bergeron, Jackson Nall, M Schumacher, Joseph Lupton

first place pine forest team 1

Second Place: Pine Forest High School, Team 2

Firing Team Members: Ben Northcutt, Kyla Cheek, Jared Weber, Jay Ayer

first place pine forest team 1

Third Place: Milton High School, Team 1

Firing Team Members: Alexandra Manzano, Jared Stone, Donald Dennis, Nathan Matteson

first place pine forest team 1

Results From CMP Pistol Events

On October 31, 2015, our club hosted the Halloween - No Tricks And Earn Your Treat pistol event that was geared toward introducing new and seasoned pistol shooters to a classic form of pistol shooting.

Check out the webpage for the event results HERE. Photo below left to right is Jackson Leverett and Rob Case who earned leg points by firing the top scores during the .22 Rimfire Pistol EIC Match.

New shooter with borrowed gear

Want To Try Something Different?

Take a look at our Shooting Sports page to see if any of our organized shoots look like something you would like to try. The directors of our shooting programs can answer any questions to help you get started. New shooters are welcome and membership is not required to shoot in any of our matches.

We try to keep match fees very reasonable with no additional fees for non-members. Keep watching the website for new events that we are planning for this fall.

Please Leave The Front Gate Open During Special Events

During matches or other official events on our calendar, our front gate remains open by the event director to allow participants who are non-members to enter and exit. After the event is over, the director will close and lock the gate. Please abide by the sign that is posted on the gate to leave it open during special events. This is the only time the gate may be left open.

Range Workday

The Board of Directors would like to remind members that the third Saturday of the month is range clean up and workday. There is no shooting on that day until all the work is finished. Finsh time will depend on what is being done that day. All of our facilities are maintained by the membership not just through dues but also many volunteer hours.